Long Dress for Girls

mts_plasticbox-1551708-cfbody-dressmaxi_01This is a loose-fitting, long dress for children in eight plain colours.

Contains two parts Maxis Camisole, one part adult maxi skirt, three parts Yoda . Categorised as Everyday and Party, girls only. They are enabled for random sims; I have not disabled them for aliens but I have the OccultAllowedForRandom flag set to “Human” — I believe this means they can be used for aliens if you dress them in CAS yourself, but I cannot check that since I don’t have the Aliens EP (whichever one it was).

Polygon Counts:

LOD0: 4152F
LOD1: 2316F
LOD2: 1334F
LOD3: 650F

Download / Feedback

TS4CASTools, Milkshape, Paint.net/dxtbmp/Aorta.