Citizen’s Door, One- and Two-Tile


These are one- and two-tile versions of the Maxis Queen’s/King’s and Featureless Fiberglass doors as regular doors (not locked for one gender), remapped to get rid of the signs and the metal strip at the bottom. Other than that they match exactly.

A texture override for the Featureless Fiberglass doors that removes only the sign (but not the metal strip) is available here.

All textures are referenced from the existing doors. Note that the Queen’s/King’s doors (middle and right on the above picture) were included with the 1.9.80 patch (2015-07), so you need to have that for the wood colour variants.

The doors cost 80§ each and come in nine wood + four fiberglass colour variants. They are the same objects each, i.e. you can switch between all variants (both royal and fiber) with the in-game design tool.

Note that in 1.9 they apparently implemented the change/bugfix mentioned in this post — cloning the doors from 1.9 will result in no wallmask; I got around that by making a throwaway clone of the Fiberglass door with the same internal name and using the wall mask from that.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 229V/190F
Mid Poly: 170V/126F
Low Poly: 68V/44F

Sun shadows are unchanged.
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blender, TSRW/Milkshape.