Separated Track Suit Jacket


This is the jacket from the base game track suit made wearable as a top, in all of the original plus five additional colour variants. The logo is removed on most variants, otherwise the texture is identical with the track suit.

Just like with the original tracksuit, some of the long hairs will clip into or through the collar in front. I like the collar though, so I didn’t attempt to change its shape. Other than that, it works with all bottoms and all shapes of sim as far as I tested, only one of the Maxis pencil skirts clipped slightly into the edge in fron when the sim wearing it was very fat and very athletic at the same time and bent the upper body backwards.

Categorised as Athletic and Everyday, in Tops > Jackets.

Polygon Counts:

LOD0: 2466V/3566F
LOD1: 1779V/2134F
LOD2: 1036V/1180F
LOD3: 616V/556F

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