Painting Frames


These are some frames with passepartout that are made to fit the small / large / medium sim-painted paintings, plus a landscape one that fits most of the Maxis landscape-sized paintings (and any custom ones that use one of those meshes) so you can change their frame colour too.

An additional small landscape-sized frame is also available in this post.

The package contains all four of these:

  • Small frame: 25§
  • Medium frame: 35§
  • Landscape frame: 40§
  • Large frame: 45§

They can be moved over paintings without bb.moveobjects, and don’t block the paintings from being interacted with. They can also be used with some other Maxis stuff, like when you want to frame a poster for your discerning sim kids. Note that some Maxis paintings will appear to clip through the passepartout while you are holding them (or the frame), but once you let go it’s all fine.

They are in Paintings and have eighteen colour options each (same for all sizes). Most of them are referenced from the Maxis “Roman Temple”, “Treebra” and Moochi-Somethingorother paintings (but with a custom specular to remove the glossiness from the paper part), two are custom. The swatches are sorted so that the Treebra/Moochi/custom ones (double frame with plain passepartout) come first, the Roman Temple (plain with double passepartout) frames last.

The small frame also fits around medium sim paintings (of course only the middle part will be visible then. But hey, variety!).

Polygon Counts:

All frames: 100V/72F
All sun shadows: 8V/12F
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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe. Fogity Hasher.