“Caress” Bookcases


This is a mesh override plus two additional versions of the Maxis “Caress” bookcase. The original could have been nice, but then someone went and stuck those fugly columns and ornaments on it >.<

A low two-tile version of this is available here.

The override eliminates all of the ornaments, gives the books a more normal size, and also adds some slots to the object (two on the shelves and eight or so on top). The new meshes also have slots on top. They all have the same ten colour variants and are using the textures of the original. Available where the other bookcases are for 900§ (tall single-tile) / 380§ (low single-tile); the price and stats of the original is unchanged.

On the screenshots, the override mesh has a slight glitch (the back corner of the top right book went for a walk) but that is fixed in the actual object.

Polygon Counts:

Two-tile (Override) ‒ High Poly: 1307V/758F | Original: 2096V/1232F
Two-tile (Override) ‒ Mid Poly: 1307V/758F | Original: 1784V/958F
Two-tile (Override) ‒ Low Poly: 1153V/660F | Original: 1784V/958F
Two-tile (Override) ‒ Sun Shadow: 319V/426F | Original: 898V/1232F‒747V/958F

One-tile, tall ‒ High/Mid Poly: 967V/561F
One-tile, tall ‒ Low Poly: 877V/513F
One-tile, tall ‒ Sun Shadow: 263V/359F

One-tile, low ‒ High/Mid Poly: 671V/403F
One-tile, low ‒ Low Poly: 659V/395F
One-tile, low ‒ Sun Shadow: 198V/259F

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blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.