Double Hung Window Add-Ons


Three additional versions of the Maxis “Double Hung” window: one that fits over end tables and desks, one that fits over counters, and a small privacy window. I quite like that window but it’s difficult to use e.g. in kitchens when there’s only a full height version.

The same windows with rolled glass are available here.


The new windows have one less “rim” on the interior frame (shown above with the original Maxis one on the right) since that was a bit too bombastic for my taste; I also made a mesh override for the original with the smaller frame (that is a separate package). Also included is a fix that adds colour tags for the additional colour variants from GP01 (the December 2014 free Holiday Celebration add-on); those variants have none by default.

The additional windows cost 25§, 30§, and 35§ respectively; same 15 colour variants as the original (all textures are referenced). For the colours from GP01 you need to have that installed.

Polygon Counts:

Tall window (mesh override), high/mid poly: 250V/156F (rest is unchanged)

Medium-height window, high/mid poly: 250V/156F
Medium-height window, low poly: 88V/64F
Medium-height window, high/mid poly sun shadow: 60V/108F
Medium-height window, low poly sun shadow: 16V/24F

Counter-height / Privacy window, high/mid poly: 264V/160F
Counter-height / Privacy window, low poly: 96V/68F
Counter-height / Privacy window, high/mid poly sun shadow: 64V/108F
Counter-height / Privacy window, low poly sun shadow: 16V/24F

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.