Modular Plants V


Some more modular plants; partly new ones and partly Maxis ones made pottable.

The pots are larger/smaller versions of existing uploads; they require the originals in order to work:

The garden pot can also be used for harvestable plants; with the terracotta one that doesn’t look very good as the soil will clip through the rim.

  • Garden Pot (Medium): 30§, 14 colour variants, object is from my Modular Flower Shrubs upload (but smaller)
  • Medium Terracotta Pot: 55§, 6 colour variants, object is from the Modular Plants III upload (but larger)
  • Dull Daisies: 35§, 3 colour variants; these are the Maxis “Dull Daisies” flower shrubs made pottable
  • Terra Cotta Potless Plant: 35§, 3 colour variants, textures are referenced from the Maxis “Terra Cotta Potted Plant”
  • Medium Pottable Lavender: 45§, 4 colour variants, most textures referenced from the Maxis lavenders
  • Barrel Cactus: 60§, is a Maxis plant made pottable
  • Peter Pot Cactus: 65§, Maxis plant made pottable
  • Fido’s Fencepost Cactus: 70§, Maxis plant made pottable
  • Potless Palm Shrub: 80§, re-meshed from and referenced to the Maxis potted palm tree
  • Saguaro Cactus: 105§, Maxis plant made pottable
  • Small Potless Palm Tree: 110§ (screenshot still shows a different price), re-meshed from and referenced to the Maxis potted palm tree

The lavender screenshot shows a regular Maxis lavender for size comparison (from my Liberated Desert Plants upload), the others are the Medium ones from this upload.

Polygon Counts:

Potless Palm Tree ‒ High Poly: 339V/369F
Potless Palm Tree ‒ Mid Poly: 248V/236F
Potless Palm Tree ‒ Low Poly: 144V/93F

Potless Palm Shrub ‒ High Poly: 327V/353F
Potless Palm Shrub ‒ Mid Poly: 240V/225F
Potless Palm Shrub ‒ Low Poly: 141V/86F

Medium Lavender ‒ High Poly: 184V/134F
Medium Lavender ‒ Mid Poly: 160V/100F

Terra Cotta Plant ‒ High Poly: 289V/258F
Terra Cotta Plant ‒ Mid Poly: 271V/232F
Terra Cotta Plant ‒ Low Poly: 232V/192F

The other objects do not include a mesh.

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