Crick Cabana Overhaul ‒ 3 sizes


This is an overhaul of the Maxis “Crick Cabana” lot, in three sizes. XS is smaller than the original and also cheaper, S a bit larger with one more bedroom and bathroom, M has another two additional rooms. They are built upon each other so it’s basically the same house that is growing over time.





You will need the following CC for it to look like on the screenshots (all of it by myself):

All versions:

More Corners for Maxis Siding
Octopane Privacy Window

BlandCo Overhaul
Shader Fix for “Immaculate” Shelf
Less Clunky “Sooner or Ladder” Chair
Wood Chair Mesh Overrides
Clutter Anywhere

Small/Neutral Override for Kids’ Ceiling Light
Super Sisal Edits/Add-Ons
Cabin Slats Add-Ons
Texture overrides for “Baby’s First” Wastebasket
Riveting Console Dresser


Two-tile “Simple Two-Panel Door”

S, M:

Cabinet-compatible “Adequate” fridge
Cork Board Shadow Fix
“Windowbox of Superiority” Footprint Edit


No-Drop cabinets for “Vault” Kitchen
Two-Tile Wooden Arch
Small “Tabula Rasa” Coffee Table

The three lots are in separate folders, so you can install either or all of them.

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XS, unfurnished: 7.932§
XS, furnished: 12.621§
S, unfurnished: 11.696§
S, furnished: 23.933§
M, unfurnished: 12.974§
M, furnished: 49.301§

(Original, furnished: 13.633§)

Lot Size: 15×20