Candles + Candle Holders


Functional candles in two heights, and three candle holders/trays to put them on. A single candle that matches these as well as matching single candle holders are here; a wall candle holder is here.

The zip contains five packages:

Three Candles ‒ 45§
Three Tall Candles ‒ 55§

Chic Tray Candle Holder (flat tray) ‒ 15§
Definitive Candle Holder (wooden box) ‒ 25§
Jellyfish Candle Holder (antique metal) ‒ 75§

All of them are in Misc Lights / Table Lights. They are re-meshed from Maxis objects (Base Game); all textures are referenced from the originals except for the white Chic Tray which is custom. The trays can also be used for other small deco items (they each have one slot in the middle).

Polygon Counts:

Three Candles ‒ High Poly: 154V/138F
Three Candles ‒ Low Poly: 91V/69F
Three Candles ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 84V/138F
Three Candles ‒ Low Poly Sun Shadow: 48V/69F

Chic Tray ‒ High/Mid/Low Poly: 64V/46F
Chic Tray ‒ High/Mid/Low Poly Sun Shadow: 12V/20F

Jellyfish Candle Holder ‒ High Poly: 360V/372F
Jellyfish Candle Holder ‒ Mid Poly: 303V/296F
Jellyfish Candle Holder ‒ Low Poly: 198V/172F
Jellyfish Candle Holder ‒ High Poly Sun Shadow: 157V/294F
Jellyfish Candle Holder ‒ Mid/Low Poly Sun Shadow: 97V/170F

Definitive Candle Holder ‒ High/Mid/Low Poly: 94V/58F
Definitive Candle Holder ‒ High/Mid/Low Poly Sun Shadow: 46V/48F

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.