Single-Tile RAW Cookware


This is the Maxis “RAW Cookware Collection” split into two smaller, single-tile objects.

They cost 185§ each (the original two-tile one is 370§) and have the same three colour options as the original (textures are referenced as usual). Since they are cheaper and smaller they are also less decorative. Both are in Deco > Wall Sculptures.

Polygon Counts:

I — High Poly: 338V/276F
I — Mid Poly: 311V/251F
I — Low Poly: 275V/213F
I — High Poly Sun Shadow: 166V/270F
I — Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 151V/247F
I — Low Poly Sun Shadow: 131V/207F

II — High Poly: 258V/208F
II — Mid Poly: 248V/198F
II — Low Poly: 224V/174F
II — High Poly Sun Shadow: 120V/204F
II — Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 114V/194F
II — Low Poly Sun Shadow: 102V/170F


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s4pe, TSRW/Milkshape.