“Sincerity” Mesh Override ‒ More flexible placement


Since objects can be moved up/down on the wall but no lower than their minimum height, this mirror is basically unuseable for me by default .. who would hang a mirror under the ceiling like that? This mesh override moves the whole thing 1m lower; I’ve also re-shaped the frame so that it is the same width on all sides (the Maxis version looks like an accident to me).

The screenshots below show the minimum height (I’ve put it quite low since the bright colours make it seem suitable for children’s rooms). To move stuff up and down, turn on bb.moveobjects and use the 9/0 keys while holding the object.

Overrides the following:

0x01661233-0x00000000-0xAA5E68B956C39F3C MODL
0x01D10F34-0x00010000-0xAA5E68B956C39F3C MLOD

Polygon counts:

Sun Shadow: 20V/28F

(There is no separate low-poly mesh in the original either since it is already a rectangle)
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TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.