Two-Tile “Perfect Pane”


A two-tile version of the Maxis “Perfect Pane” door.

Available for the same price in the same colours as the one-tile version. Unlike the original door, this has functional colour tags for the GP01 colours as well (i.e. everything but white, which is still tagged as White in the Maxis door) ‒ in order to use these, you need to have that game pack.

Everything I can reference (textures, rig, slots, footprint, MODs) is referenced from the orignal, so overrides for that will work for this too and any updates that Maxis might make should be working automagically. It ought to work fine with scumbumbo’s Lockable Doors as well since it has standard tuning.

Polygon Counts: Like the original (mesh is unchanged; MLODs are not included).

Download / Feedback

s4pe, TSRW.