“Emi”/“Uto” Bed Frames


These are my re-meshed (simplified) versions of the Maxis “Eminence” and “Utopiate” beds, in the form of separate bed frames. They are also available as mesh overrides here.

They can be combined with mattresses such as these (Maxis mattresses as separate objects, shown on the screenshots) to allow for a lot more bed/frame colour combinations than a regular bed would offer.

All textures are referenced from the original beds; any texture overrides you have for those will work for these as well. They have a rug footprint so they can be placed underneath mattresses without having to use bb.moveobjects. Avalable in five colour variants each for 400§/800§.

Polygon Counts:

Eminence (Single), High/Mid Poly: 197V/102F
Sun Shadow: 181V/90F

Utopiate (Double), High/Mid Poly: 210V/98F
Sun Shadow: 193V/86F

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blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.