Huxley for TS4 ‒ 3BR 2BA


For once I seem to have managed to play the game long enough to actually finish a house .. as opposed to running off and making this and fixing that and oh and that other thing I wanted ..

This is a rebuild of the same house for TS3, furnished for 3+1 sims with one empty spare room.

It fits on a 15×20 lot as shown on the screenshots. I seem to have used a boatload of CC here; if you’re not keen on downloading that much stuff the things that really matter for the appearance/functionality of this house are:

Important CC:

Basic Standard Add-On: Trim and Tile / Sterilised (Wallpaper)
Simple Siding Add-On: Left/Right Edge (Wallpaper)
More Corners for Maxis Siding
The Harbinger Fridge

The rest, below, is kind of optional — you only need it if you want everything to look exactly like on the screenshots, but if you’re going to redecorate anyway you don’t have to have it:


Modular Hanging Plants
One flowerbox from Liberated Garden Stuff
Cabin Slats Add-Ons
Super Sisal Edits/Add-Ons (Rugs)
Moderate Intellect Bookcase
Intellectual Bookcases Recolours
You’ve Got the Table Light
Small “Tabula Rasa” Coffee Table
Squarely Mesh Overrides + Living Chair


Harbinger Light Fix
Small/Neutral Override for Kids’ Ceiling Light
No Deco Foundations
Caress Curtain Texture Overrides
Wood Chair Mesh Overrides
Mission Beds Mesh Overrides


Liberated Plants 2 (Gathering of Shrubs)
Clutter Anywhere

All of that stuff is by myself.


Unzip and put the loose files in /Tray.

Download / Feedback

Lot Size: 15×20
Lot Price (furnished): 53.193§