Super Sisal Edits/Add-Ons


Additional small sizes for the Maxis “Super Sisal” rugs that are all mapped to the same textures, plus mesh and optional texture overrides for all of them.

Additional sizes:

3×1 ‒ 60§
2×2 ‒ 70§
3×2 ‒ 90§
3×3 ‒ 120§

The original rugs are 2×1 (50§), 4×3, 4×4 and something even more gigantic.

Mesh overrides:

Those are included with the small sizes ‒ the mapping was a little huh, so I changed it and changed the originals as well so they will all match exactly. The texture also appears a little more “fine-grained” now (it’s still the same texture, I’m just using a larger part of it) and the meshes are more low poly as a result. See screenshot for a comparison.

Texture overrides:

For four of the textures to make them less pale and easier to combine with other stuff; they apply to all of the originals and these. No dramatic change though. See screenshot.

Polygon Counts:

Large 7×5 (Mesh override): 63V/96F (was: 172V/96F)
Square 4×4 (Mesh override): 49V/50F (was: 81V/50F)
Medium 4×3 (Mesh override): 42V/40F (was: 63V/40F)
Small 2×1 (Mesh override) 20V/12F
3×3: 36V/32F
3×2: 30V/24F
2×2: 30V/18F
3×1: 24V/16F

All sun shadows are 4V/2F (they were much higher on the originals).

Download: Add-Ons / Texture Overrides

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe, HxD.