Meridian Rug Add-Ons


Four additional sizes for the Maxis “Meridian” rug (Base Game), plus some desaturated texture overrides for the colour variants that were a little too bright for my taste; they will work for both the original rug and these.

All of them are mapped to the original textures at the same scale, so they have the same 15 colour options each. The sizes are:

2×2 ‒ 110§
3×2 ‒ 150§
3×3 ‒ 210§
4×3 ‒ 270§

The original rug is 5×5 and costs 515§.

Polygon Counts:

Rugs: 9V/8F
Sun Shadows: 4V/2F

Download / Feedback

blender, s4pe, HxD, TSRW/Milkshape.