Texture-Referencing Mattresses


Here are some mattresses that are getting their textures from existing Maxis beds/beddings ‒ some of those are quite nice, but they’re a lot more flexible to use when they aren’t glued to one bed each.

Six packages all in all (the single beds are not all mapped the same way, hence why they need to be different objects):

Mission ‒ Single and Double:

Double Mission Single Bed, Single Mission Double Bed, Soothing Sleeper, Discretion Bedsystem, ModPod

The single mattress has 39 colour variants all in all, the double one 41. Available in Beds for 400§ / 800§, tuning is that of the Mission beds. All textures are referenced as usual so there’s no pointless clutter in the packages and overrides for the original beddings (like e.g. these by SaudadeSims) will also work for these mattresses. The rig/rslt is also referenced from a Maxis bed so hopefully when they introduce pet elephants that can jump on beds, these will automatically work for that as well.

Note that the “Discretion Bedsystem” textures ‒ the last nine swatches of the single mattress ‒ will only look good on bed frames where their bottom half is tucked in, like on the original “Discretion” bed (they have a shadow painted onto the texture).

Soothing ‒ Single:

Colour variants of the “Soothing Sleeper” single bed, 11 variants; 400§. Tuning is that of the Mission bed.

Eminence/Cordelia ‒ Single:

Colour variants of the “Eminence” and “Princess Cordelia’s” single beds, 11/10 variants, 550§. Tuning is that of the Discretion single bed.

Cordelia ‒ Double:

Princess Cordelia’s Galleon, Barnish, Utopiate double beds

31 colour variants all in all, tuning is that of the Discretion bed so the stats are a bit higher (and so is the price; this one costs 1.100§). Referenced as above.

The bed frames shown on the screenshots are available here (Missionary) and here (Rustic Frame).

Polygon Counts:

Single: 281V/378F
Single Sun Shadow: 204V/362F

Double: 453V/620F
Double Sun Shadow: 330V/604F

Download / Feedback

s4pe, TSRW/Milkshape.