Modular Tile Panels ‒ Small Tiles


Tile panels that use the Maxis “Plain Jane”, “In Your Veins Marble” and “Lotta Glaze” floor textures plus some custom variations. They can be put on top of any wallpaper to make a tiled backsplash, which is a lot more flexible than having to use a tile wallpaper that often won’t match the rest of the room.
Tile panels of the Maxis “Sterilised” walls are available here, for “Sparkling Speckled” and “Gristle Glue” see here. Recolourers, please note that they are each mapped a bit differently to account for the different kind of textures they use.

All of the Maxis textures are referenced from the actual walls and will pick up any overrides you have for those. The panels are rendered a little differently from those, because I can’t use the same shader — but with the one I used (0xFC6D8A0F cabinet) they still have seamless light reflections and will be evenly lit no matter whether there’s a counter in front.

The panels act like wall attachments and will intersect with other objects by default ‒ you don’t need to use bb.moveobjects for that. They place repeatedly like chairs, counters etc; all screenshots show default placement (without adjusting the height using 9/0, although that’s of course also possible). From the backside, they are invisible. They will drop with walls.

These panels can be stacked seamlessly, they’re exactly half a wall high.

Available both in Build > Wall Attachments and Room/Function > Counters (since that’s what they are probably most often combined with), 10§ per panel.

Polygon Counts:

High/Medium/Low Poly: 8V/4F
High/Medium/Low Poly Sun Shadow: 8V/4F

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blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe, HxD, ModdingToolkit.