Mission Beds Mesh Overrides


These are mesh overrides for the Maxis Single and Double Mission beds that make them less clunky and simpler overall, while sorta keeping the same style.

I’ve edited these after taking the screenshots: the headboard of the single bed now does clip into the wall a little bit, because I actually like it better when it’s the same as on the double version ‒ see the pics in this post to see what they look like exactly (the mesh is identical with that now).

These override the MODL and MLODs for each bed, textures are referenced so overrides will still work (e.g. the ones for the double beds by SaudadeSims ‒ I don’t know whether she ever made equivalent ones for the single version). The same meshes are available as separate bed frames here (custom objects, not overrides); a bunch of Maxis bedding in the form of separated mattresses is here.

Polygon Counts:

Single Mission Double Bed: 963V/916F
Sun Shadow: 436F/724V

Double Mission Single Bed: 700V/604F
Sun Shadow: 316V/488F

No actual lower-poly versions since there isn’t much to reduce and this is all noticeably less than the original anyway.

Download / Feedback

blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.