Cabinet-compatible Fridges


It annoyed me every time how most of the fridges will aaaaaalmooooost fit underneath a Maxis cabinet .. but not quite. So I re-meshed the two cheapo “Crisponix” fridges (“Splendid” and “Adequate”); they are now exactly the height of a standard cabinet underside and wil fit snugly (no moveobjects required).

I also stuck some slots on top of the fridges and resized them to be as wide as a counter minus the space required for the wall when it’s in a corner ‒ so in corners, they can be moved over now to fit exactly; between counters there will be half as much gap as there is by default. I’m not going to make them any wider since I don’t want them to clip into walls. And I fixed the borken handle on the low poly mesh of the “Adequate” too; no idea whether that’s ever really noticeable in game (maybe for people with low-spec cards and very good eyesight).

I noticed a curious issue while testing this (affects Maxis fridges too, not specifically mine): when you put a fridge in a corner underneath a straight cabinet, sims will routefail when trying to use it; with an end cabinet atop the fridge it works fine. On straight walls, it always works (underneath straight cabinets too), so it must be the combination of corner and (straight) cabinet that confuses the game somehow. Just FYI, since you may run into this more often the more cabinet-compatible fridges you have.

Overrides the following:

MODL/MLODs/LITE 0x6A0064C019F51B92

MODL/MLODs/LITE 0x6A0064C019F51B91

And adds a custom rig/rslt (same in both). Poly counts are unchanged.


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s4pe, Milkshape/TSRW.