Separated Maxis Paintings


These are two Maxis paintings (or rather, painting accumulations) ‒ “Antiqued Patent Posters” and “Study of the Human Form” ‒ split up into parts, so that they can be combined more flexibly.

Seven paintings all in all, two from the “Study” and five from the patents; they cost between 80§ and 425§ (see screenshots).

All textures are referenced from the originals, so there’s no pointless clutter in these and overrides will work too. The “Study of the Human Form” separates are de-rewardified, made much cheaper and stripped of their supernatural abilities ‒ turned into regular sketches in other words. They also have significantly less deco points than the reward. Oh and I also renamed them, because why would sims study humans?

Polygon Counts:

Simlish Form I:
High Poly: 218V/158F
Low Poly: 120V/88F

Simlish Form II:
High Poly: 195V/132F
Low Poly: 121V/82F

Those do not have a sun shadow.

Patent Posters:
High/Mid/Low Poly: 80V/62F
Sun Shadow: 24V/44F

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Milkshape, TSRW, s4pe.