Brock Chair Mesh Override + Text Edit


This is a a mesh override for that thing that looks like it’s been put together from toothpicks and Play-Doh in ten minutes.

I’ve also edited the catalogue text since that’s talking about it being a metal chair .. it really doesn’t look like metal to me though. US English only, since I don’t know what it says in other languages.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 431V/341F
Mid Poly: 367V/289F
Low Poly: 252V/190F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 196V/326F
Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 173V/279F
Low Poly Sun Shadow: 134V/180F

Mid Poly + shadow are a bit more than the original, Low poly + shadow are less.
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blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.