Cabin Slats Add-Ons


These are three additional variants of the Maxis Cabin Slats: a one-tile version, a half open version, and a half open one-tile version. I made them all a bit flatter and added a flat override for the original blinds, so that they can be combined with other curtains as well (and don’t clip through). This requires using moveobjects since two curtains can’t occupy the same slot.

They’re available in all nine colour variants of the original; as usual the textures are referenced so no there’s no unnecessary junk in the package and overrides will work too. The texture is remapped so patterns should be displaying OK; on the half open versions the middle part (three of the vertical folds) will be missing but I guess that’ll look fine since the fabric would be folded in anyway.

The LITE resource of the half-open versions is adjusted accordingly (they will let in more light than the closed ones) ‒ right now I only have a rather crappy screenshot of that (small and with no actual comparison, it only shows the edit) but I guess it’ll give you an idea what it looks like.

The one-tile versions cost 60§ in game, the half open two-tile one costs 90§ like the original.

Polygon Counts:

Two-tile, half open — High Poly: 118V/68F
Two-tile, half open — Mid Poly: 106V/60F
Two-tile, half open — High Poly Sun Shadow: 40V/68F
Two-tile, half open — Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 36V/60F

One-tile, half open — High Poly: 160V/94F
One-tile, half open — Mid Poly: 150V/82F
One-tile, half open — High Poly Sun Shadow: 40V/68F
One-tile, half open — Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 36V/60F

One-tile — High Poly: 252V/166F
One-tile — Mid Poly: 220V/136F
One-tile — High Poly Sun Shadow: 64V/116F
One-tile — Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 48V/86F

Download / Feedback / .wrk (all three versions in the same zip) for recolouring

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe, ModdingToolkit.