“Sea Princess” Armoire


This is an armoire made from the Maxis “Sea Princess” dining hutch (Base Game) ‒ it is larger than that, and has solid wood doors instead of glass. Works like all other dressers.

Available in the same 13 colour options as the dining hutch; textures are referenced so it matches exactly and will also pick up any texture overrides you have for the hutch. It costs 2.400§ (a little bit less than the hutch, since it does not come with all that expensive porcelain tableware) and has the same environment-enhancing deco points as the dining hutch.

Found in Room > Bedroom > Dressers and Function > Storage > Dressers.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 656V/496F
Mid Poly: 559V/350F
Low Poly: 488F/274F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 286V/476F
Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 213V/330F
Low Poly Sun Shadow: 175V/254F

This is quite a bit less than the original, since the dishes and inner shelves are removed.

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blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.