Maxis Endtables: More Slots


These are overrides that add some slots to the nether regions of the three Maxis (Base Game) end tables that look like they should have some storage space there.

This overrides the following resources:

_RIG/RSLT 0xF7A426985313BF45

OBJD 0x000000000000A6C7
OBJD 0x000000000000A6C8
OBJD 0x000000000000A6C9
OBJD 0x000000000000DBAE
OBJD 0x000000000000DBB0
OBJD 0x000000000000DBB2
OBJD 0x000000000000DBB4
OBJD 0x000000000000DBB8
OBJD 0x000000000000DBBA

OBJD 0x000000000000BBE1
OBJD 0x000000000000BBE2
OBJD 0x000000000000BBE3
OBJD 0x000000000000DA00
OBJD 0x000000000000DA02
OBJD 0x000000000000DA04
OBJD 0x000000000000DA06
OBJD 0x000000000000DA08
OBJD 0x000000000000DA0A

The latter two have custom _RIG/RSLT resources.

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s4pe, HxD.