Boring Endtable


An endtable that matches the nightstand and dresser that are equally Boring. Comes in the same 24 colour variants as those (which are in turn derived from something by Maxis / Base Game, so these can be mixed and matched with other existing objects as well).

See this picture for an overview of all 24 colours, they’re not all on the screenshots in this post.

Found in Endtables for 115§. This is higher than the night stand (same height as the dresser) which I find more suitable under some circumstances. Note that you need to download the Boring Dresser from here for this to work properly, it references all textures from that.

Polygon Counts:
High Poly: 542V/234F
Mid Poly: 439V/198F
Low Poly: 242V/120F
Sun Shadow: 194V/82F

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