Portable Washing Bowl


A washing bowl that provides basic hygiene functions ‒ you can’t do anything fancy with it, but on the upside it’s cheap and won’t break.

All of the upgrading options are removed (it’s not supposed to be as shiny as an actual sink), as well as the faucet effect and sound ‒ the splashing water sound is still there though. Note that just like real sinks it will become nonfunctional when there is no water on the lot, for obvious reasons (it’s an *empty* bowl after all). Also, the dishwashing options are *not* removed ‒ they’re just not on the screenshots because the sims didn’t have any dishes to do when I took them.

The animations are the same as on regular sinks and seem to be working just fine for this, provided it sits at about the right height (end tables, tables and desks are fine to put it on ‒ finally a good use for all those fancypants marble-topped end tables ‒; dressers for example are too high (sims’ hands wil clip through the side when they use it)). See the screenshots for some examples.

You should probably turn off the in-game “Auto Counter” feature before placing the bowl — I never use that but some people have reported it’s causing issues for them.

Available with all of the other sinks in three colour variants for the low, low price of only 45§.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 166V/226F
Mid Poly: 134V/194F
Low Poly: 106V/114F
Sun Shadow: 81V/64F

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blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe, Paint.net