Utopiate/Eminence Mesh Overrides


These are the beds with those funky overhanging curved wood baldachin things, re-meshed into something much simpler. Now there’s a chance I might actually use them!

These are also available as separate bed fames here.

The zip contains separate packages for the single (Eminence) and double (Utopiate) beds; as usual this works for all Maxis colour options and contains no textures or anything else so all other overrides will still work without conflict.

Overrides MODL/MLOD/LITE 0x060AE9FFAD948689 (Eminence), MODL/MLOD 0xE4F5BB73E1482E5E (Utopiate). On the screenshots the single bed still casts the original shadow, that’s just because I didn’t put the LITE resource in, but I added it afterwards (so now the shadow looks like on the large one — same size as the re-meshed bed)

Poly counts are less than the original for obvious reasons.

Download / Feedback

blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.