Boring Dresser


Here’s a simple and versatile dresser that just quietly does its thing, instead of being busy making fashion statements. Comes in 24 unexciting colour variants; all textures are derived from existing Maxis ones so it should fit in almost anywhere.

There are other Boring things as well (like a desk, tables and end tables) that match this.

I added a large slot in the middle so one can finally put stuff on a dresser without having to decide whether it should go on the left or right. It also has two more small deco slots added (back left and right), see screenshot. The large slots work fine for TVs as well.

Available with all of the other dressers for 480§.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 905V/360F
Mid Poly: 658V/280F
Low Poly: 238F/118F
High/Mid/Low Poly Sun Shadow: 296V/92F

Download / Feedback

blender, Milkshape, s4pe, TSRW, HxD.