Modular Plants III


Some more pots and plants that can be mixed and matched, also with other Modular plants/pots.

The zip contains six packages:

  • Teeny Plant ‒ 15§, references its texture from the Maxis “Teeny Planter”
  • Medium Fern ‒ 30§, three colour options, the first texture is referenced from the Maxis “Mega” fern + two custom ones
  • Bamboo Plant ‒ 35§, references its texture from the Maxis “Authority”
  • This is not an orchid ‒ 50§, three colour options referenced from the Maxis “Orchid-You-Not” vase
  • Small Terracotta Pot‒ 30§, six colour options; three textures are referenced from the Maxis “Terracotta Plant”, the other three are custom
  • Small Modern Pot‒ 40§, six colour options; all textures are referenced from the Maxis “Snake Plant”

All plants are re-shaped so they do not look like exact clones of the ones they are derived from. Referenced textures mean that they’re using textures you already have, so any overrides you have for the originals will also work for these. All of these are available in Deco > Plants, the three green plants are also in Build Mode > Shrubs and the non-orchid in Build Mode > Flowers.

All of these use the “object_plant_non_gardening_generic” tuning (0x0000000000012EA3), so they ought to be sellable in GtW.

Polygon Counts:

Teeny Plant
High/Mid Poly: 52V/39F
Medium Fern
High/Mid Poly: 93V/104F

Bamboo Plant
High/Mid Poly: 222V/174F

This is not an orchid
High/Mid Poly: 206V/126F

Small Terracotta Pot
High Poly: 215V/244F
Mid Poly: 149V/156F
Low Poly: 101V/100F

Small Modern Pot
High/Mid Poly: 94V/98F
Low Poly: 68V/62F


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