Squarely Mesh Overrides + Living Chair


Mesh overrides for the Maxis “Squarely There” loveseat and sofa that make them a little less brick-shaped, and a living chair to match.

For the sofa and loveseat this only overrides the mesh; everything else is still referenced from the originals. They are remapped so the textures are mostly undistorted (meaning you can recolour them with checkerboard patterns), except for the inside of the arm rests which is a little bit squished. The chair is mapped to the loveseat texture.

The chair costs 140§; it is available in Room > Living > Living Chairs and Function > Seating > Living Chairs in all colour options of the Maxis loveseat. Tuning is that of some other relatively cheap living chair.

Polygon Counts:

High/Mid/Low Poly: 292V/240F
Sun Shadow: 206V/138F

Living Chair:
High/Mid/Low Poly: 289V/226F
Sun Shadow: 205V/120F

High/Mid/Low Poly: 351V/318F
Sun Shadow: 202V/124F

(The originals don’t have much of a difference between the LODs either)

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blender, Milkshape, TSRW, s4pe.