Functional Towel Rack


This adds some slots to the Maxis Towel Storage Rack, so that it actually works as a shelf. The small extra package (“towelrack_as-display”) will put this in Displays instead of Deco > Misc. This is entirely optional.

Four slots on each shelf; three for small items and one for mid-sized ones. I recommend you get my Clutter Anywhere mod to use in conjunction with this, otherwise you won’t have a lot of stuff to put on it. The towel rack is found in Deco > Misc for 70§.

Overrides the OBJD of all colour variants (Base Game), and adds a custom _RIG and RSLT. The extra package (which puts it in Displays) overrides the COBJs.

Download: Towel Rack Slots + As Display / Feedback

TSRW, s4pe.