Carina Display


This is a display shelf in two versions ‒ open and with glass doors ‒ that matches the Maxis Carina Dining Hutch. It is a bit wider than that so the shelves sit flush next to each other; up to six small deco items can be placed inside. I strongly recommend to use this in conjunction with my Clutter Anywhere mod since otherwise the game doesn’t offer a lot of shelvable deco stuff.

Seven colour variants each (same as the dining hutch), available in Displays for 400§. Technically this references the dining hutch textures; it includes some overrides for that since the shadows underneath the dishes look rather exaggerated to me (and of course they are out of place when the shelves are empty).

I also made a mesh override for the original dining hutch that changes its size to fit these exactly; see the “dining-hutch-override” screenshot. Available over here.
Please note:

When you put items in the shelf with glass doors, you won’t be able to grab them anymore since those doors are in the way ‒ to get the objects out, simply move the entire shelf to your household inventory, that will separate the shelf from its content:

People with more patience can also try zooming in to just the right spot where the cabinet disappears but the deco is still visible, then one can also grab the deco.

Polygon Counts:

Open shelf ‒ High Poly: 168V/110F
Open shelf ‒ Mid Poly: 168V/110F
Open shelf ‒ Low Poly: 168V/110F
Open shelf ‒ Sun Shadow: 76V/94F

Shelf with doors ‒ High Poly: 172V/112F
Shelf with doors ‒ Mid Poly: 172V/112F
Shelf with doors ‒ Low Poly: 172V/112F
Shelf with doors ‒ Sun Shadow: 76V/94F

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