Rustic Bed Frames


A matching single and double bed frame, re-meshed from the Maxis “Rustic Dream Bed” with the three original + five additional colour options.

Placement-wise the frames behave like rugs (can intersect objects but not walls), so one can put mattresses on them — like these — without having to use moveobjects. The footprint of the double bed has a bit of an odd shape (I actually wanted it to be invisible like on the single one), but it behaves like it’s supposed to. No funky “View” options in game.

Available for 320§ / 640§ in Beds, in the same eight colour variants each. All textures for the original colour options are referenced from the Maxis bed.

Polygon Counts:

Double bed frame, High Poly: 766V/730F
Double bed frame, Mid Poly: 482V/436F
Double bed frame, Sun Shadow: 245V/410F

Single bed frame, High Poly: 644V/602F
Single bed frame, Mid Poly: 416V/329F
Single bed frame, Sun Shadow: 220V/295F

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blender, Milkshape/TSRW, s4pe.