Hipster Loveseat + Recolours


A loveseat that matches the Maxis “Hipster Hugger” sofa plus nine recolours that work for both for this and the sofa. All textures are referenced directly from the sofa so it 1. contains no duplicate clutter and 2. is guaranteed to match exactly. The rig is also referenced from a Maxis loveseat.

The loveseat is a regular object, it does not need to be unlocked and has no supernatural features. Available in Function > Seating > Loveseats and Room > Living > Loveseats and sofas for 400§; same default colour variants as the sofa. Swatches are adjusted to match the actual texture more closely; the white colour variant (this is white, isn’t it?) is also flagged for White and not Yellow like in the sofa.

For the loveseat recolours you need to have the actual loveseat as well, there is no duplicate mesh included. Most of them are more or less matching other Maxis stuff and/or my own ‒ it’s not always 100%, since the various Maxis green living chairs for example don’t have the exact same colour, but close enough for my taste. They all sort in the same thumbnail with the respective object.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 974V/1005F
Mid Poly: 565V/494F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 536V/965F
Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 266V/454F

Download: Loveseat / Feedback
Download: Recolours / Feedback

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe, Paint.net, ModdingToolkit.