Single-Tile Wooden Arch, One- and Two-Tile Version


I don’t know if my game is missing some pieces or what, but I have umpteen different wooden doors and not a single arch to match them. So I made one. The two-tile arch looks exactly the same but sits in the middle of two tiles.

This will pick up all of its textures (and also overrides, if you have any) plus some other stuff from the Single-Panel Wooden Door; I think the door frame is the same on all of the single-tile doors so it will match any of them. Unlike the Single-Panel door it is also properly colour tagged and has a non-borken wall mask.

It’s in the catalogue with the other door frames and costs 85§. Note that the additional colour options for these doors came with (mid December 2014), so they will only show up if you have that.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 106V/64F
Mid Poly: 82V/44F
Low Poly: 41V/44F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 82V/44F
Mid Poly Sun Shadow: 82V/44F
Low Poly Sun Shadow: 41V/44F


Instead of recolouring this frame it would be smarter to recolour one of the doors and then reference that.


Downloads: /


blender, s4pe, TSRW/Milkshape, ModdingToolkit.