One-Tile “Caress” Curtain + Overrides


A single-tile version of the “Caress” (Bountiful) curtain for short windows, which was something that was sorely missing from the game; plus some default overrides that will work for both the Bountiful curtain and this one.

It’s designed to overlap itself when used on adjoining windows, like on the second above (this will only look good when all curtains have the same colour, which normally they will). Available in Curtains for 85§, 9 colour variants.

Any texture overrides for the “Bountiful” curtain will also work for the small one, since it gets all of its textures from that. See screenhots for which overrides which.

Polygon Counts:

High Poly: 776V/684F
Low Poly: 467V/332F
High Poly Sun Shadow: 374V/684F
Low Poly Sun Shadow: 192V/332F

Like the “Bountiful” curtain, in other words.
Downloads: One-Tile Curtain, Overrides / Feedback

blender, s3pe, blender 2.7 TS3 Tools, meshHelper for blender, TSRW, s4pe, ModdingToolkit; and Photoshop for the overrides.