Liberated Shrubs


Some shrubs and hedges from the game files fixed up for Build/Buy, and a texture override for the Low-Lying Palm that matches the override for the large liberated Low-Lying Palm available here.

These are default overrides of Maxis world objects which add/change the following:

  • Catalogue tags for function and categories
  • Catalogue prices (also in the OBJD so that sims get their money back when selling them)
  • Colour tags where appropriate
  • Thumbnail sorting / swatches
  • Names and descriptions where necessary

These are not clones, so they contain no unnecessary duplicates.


  • Round Floaty Bush – 95§; like the name says it is floating slightly but looks good in flowebeds and the like
  • Bush with Pink Flowers – 160§
  • Hedge Row – 220§, similar to the existing one but with a much lighter texture; sorts in the same thumbnail
  • Low-Lying Shrub with White Flowers – 220§; similar but not identical to one of the liberated Flowery Shrubs available here
  • Unkempt Shrubbery, Tall – 275§, similar to the existing one but with a darker texture and sightly different mesh; sorts in the same thumbnail
  • Tall Shrubby Hedge – 400§