Harbinger Light Fix


Override for the “Harbinger” cabinets that changes the shader used on them so that they are rendered like the counters. The uneven lighting is most visible on lighter colours, but the unnaturally bright lighting and the busted corner pieces are an issue on the darker versions as well.

The same kind of fix for the BlandCo kitchen is here; for the Vault and SCargeaux kitchen here. A thread on how to change the shaders used for custom objects is here.
No-Drop versions of these cabinets are available here.

Overrides the following resources:

MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0xCDEAB7AB87E1B8E1
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0x59E74E8BDE53DF8F
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0x777B16EA9A6383E3
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0x3207F0B919F97898
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0xC626B1B96E1E3AA6
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0xC626B1B96E1E3AB4
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0xC7880E77E4872B20
LITE 0x03B4C61D-0x00000000-0x59E74E8BDE53DF8F (was borked; swapped for the medium cabinet one)

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s4pe, HxD.