Liberated Rocks 2


Some more rocks made available for Build/Buy.

Some of these have variations with slightly different meshes/textures; I’ve put those in the same thumbnail and added colour swatches to avoid catalogue clutter. All of them have in-game prices that scale roughly by size (between §50 and §1.600, see list below). This is done by setting UnkCommon03 to 0x80, the Build/Buy flag to 0x01, adding 0x00000230 (Build_Rock) to the CatalogueTagList, adjusting the price/thumbnail/colour list as desired and adding a custom STBL. Prices are edited in the OBJD too, so sims will get their §§§ back when selling these.

All of these have their original footprints; you will sometimes need the moveobjects cheat to place them. Some of the larger ones do not have a footprint/bounding mesh; sims will route through those. This can be avoided by putting fences underneath — I didn’t want to change it since it’s actually quite nice to be able to overlap them and make different rock formations that way (without having to use movebjects).


  • 1 x Decorative Stones – 50
  • 4 x Small Rock – 75 / 85
  • 1 x Small Boulder – 80
  • 3 x Mid-Sized Rock – 90
  • 2 x Mid-Sized Boulder – 115 / 120
  • 1 x Group of Stones – 140 (sorts with existing stones from part 1, or on its own if you don’t have that)
  • 2 x Small Cliff – 180 (same shape, slightly different colours; sort in the same thumbnail, together with small cliff from part 1)
  • 2 x Large Boulder – 390 (same shape, slightly different colours; sort in the same thumbnail with boulder from part 1)
  • 2 x Large Cliff – 480 (same shape, slightly different colours; sort in the same thumbnail)
  • 1 x Large Rock – 680
  • 1 x Rock Formation – 840
  • 2 x Very Large Boulder – 1.300 (same shape, slightly different colours; sort in the same thumbnail with boulders from part 1)
  • 1 x Large Rock Formation – 1.600 (sorts in the same thumbnail with rock formations from part 1)

Overrides the following COBJ/OBJD:
0x00000000000014E2 rockGCWCliff_01 – Small Cliff
0x0000000000001567 decoGCWRock_01 – Decorative Stones
0x0000000000001578 rockGCWCliff_02 – Large Cliff
0x000000000000151B rockGCWBoulder_01 – Small Boulder
0x0000000000001F05 rockPD_BoulderSmall_01 – Mid-Sized Rock
0x0000000000001F06 rockPD_BoulderSmall_02 – Mid-Sized Rock
0x0000000000001F07 rockPD_BoulderSmall_03 – Mid-Sized Rock
0x0000000000001F4A rockPD_Formation_01 – Large Rock Formation
0x0000000000001F4D rockPD_Formation_02 – Rock Formation
0x0000000000001F5B rockPD_BoulderLarge_01 – Very Large Boulder
0x0000000000001F5C rockPD_BoulderLarge_02 – Large Boulder
0x0000000000001F5D rockPD_BoulderLarge_03 – Large Rock
0x000000000000284C rockCE_BoulderSmall_01 – Small Rock, 75§
0x000000000000284D rockCE_BoulderSmall_02 – Small Rock, 75§
0x000000000000284E rockCE_BoulderSmall_03 – Small Rock, 85§
0x000000000000284F rockCE_BoulderSmall_04 – Small Rock, 85§
0x0000000000002850 rockCE_BoulderSmall_05 – Mid-Sized Boulder, 115§
0x0000000000002851 rockCE_BoulderSmall_06 – Mid-Sized Boulder, 120§
0x000000000000B7BF rockGD_RBH_glade_BoulderLarge_01 – Very Large Boulder
0x000000000000B7C0 rockGD_RBH_glade_BoulderLarge_02 – Large Boulder
0x000000000000B7C2 rockGD_RBH_glade_cliff_01 – Large Cliff
0x000000000000B7C3 rockGD_RBH_glade_cliff_02 – Small Cliff
0x000000000000B956 rockGD_RBH_glade_01_smallGroup_01 – Group of Stones

All catalogue screenshots are taken with both part 1 and this upload in game.

Note to builders: These should show up fine in lots when people don’t have this mod, but the custom names/descriptions/prices/flags will be missing (i.e. they will have “***DEBUG***” for the name and description, cost §0 and won’t be in the catalogue).

Download / Feedback

s4pe, Notepad++.