Liberated Fences 2


Some more fence objects from the game files fixed up for Buy/Build.

Contents and in-game prices:

  • Wood Fence Post – 20
  • Broken Wood Fence – 35
  • Broken Wood Fence – 55
  • Broken Wood Fence (Long) – 75
  • Wood Fence – 110
  • Wood Fence (Long) – 220
  • Tall Wood Fence – 400
  • World Fence Post (Low Stone Post) – 80
  • World Fence (Low Stone Wall) – 250
  • Extended World Fence (Low Stone Wall, Long) – 500

The “World Fence” and post is available in three colours each, they’re sorted into the same thumbnail.

How to use:

  1. These are objects, not actual fences as far as the game is concerned (like the fence-tool ones). I put them in Fence Gates since that’s what worked best for me (they sort at the end, so they’re all in one place there rather than strewn all over Deco > Misc. Putting anything but fences in Fences won’t work).
  2. Not being fences means they don’t know how to fence =P .. or maybe it’s just because they were never finished, in any case in my testing sims could walk through (most of) these – one needs to plant e.g. a hedge on one side or put them on top of actual fences in order to make them serve their purpose.
  3. I removed the footprint reference from all of these since the original ones were rather bizarre.

Overrides the following COBJ/OBJD:

0x00000000000023B8 streetGCWGSFence_Wood_01
0x000000000000289D streetDecoCE_FenceWood_01
0x000000000000289E streetDecoCE_FenceWood_01_Long
0x000000000000289F streetDecoCE_FenceWood_01_Post
0x00000000000028A0 streetDecoCE_FenceWood_01_BrokeMid
0x00000000000028A1 streetDecoCE_FenceWood_01_BrokeR
0x00000000000028A2 streetDecoCE_FenceWood_01_BrokeL
0x000000000000347D fenceSORS_wall_sml_01_set1
0x000000000000347E fenceSORS_wall_sml_01_long_set1
0x000000000000347F fenceSORS_wall_sml_post_01_set1
0x00000000000039D3 fenceSORS_wall_sml_01_set2
0x00000000000039D4 fenceSORS_wall_sml_01_set3
0x00000000000039D5 fenceSORS_wall_sml_01_long_set2
0x00000000000039D6 fenceSORS_wall_sml_01_long_set3
0x00000000000039D7 fenceSORS_wall_sml_post_01_set2
0x00000000000039D8 fenceSORS_wall_sml_post_01_set3

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s4pe, Modding Toolkit (Fogity).