BlandCo Overhaul


Assorted fixes/edits for the Maxis “BlandCo” kitchen:

  • Light fix for the cabinets (so that they are rendered like the counters)
  • Additional No-drop cabinets
  • Corrected colour tags for the black version
  • Overrides in white and green (optional)

Matching overrides for the “Sloop” bar are available here.

I used to think the busted lighting on the Maxis kitchens was just due to my lame graphics card, but judging from other people’s screenshots, it isn’t. So here are two downloads that correct various issues: one includes the overrides, the other one doesn’t (in case you like that pink kitchen), apart from that they’re the same. Only use one or you will likely end up with wrong catalogue swatches.

A thread on how to change the shaders for custom objects is here.

What each package does:

Light Fix

  • Changes the shader on the cabinets to the one that is used on the counters
  • Ignores the busted LITE resource on the tall cabinet and uses the one from the regular counter instead
  • Corrects the colour tags on the black counters, islands, and cabinets so that one will now find them when filtering for Colour > Black

Overrides the following resources:

MODL/MLOD/LITE 0x00000000-0x5C518D95A5000152
MODL/MLOD 0x00000000-0x7D7956DB8DE60189
MODL/MLOD 0x00000000-0x97F26E9E3977994B
MODL/MLOD 0x00000000-0xCB2D54A6F24B8A02
MODL 0x00000000-0xF5A402908C32560C
MODL/MLOD 0x00000000-0xFF1FB5DBD7407FC9
MODL/MLOD 0x00000000-0xFF1FB5DBD7407FDB
COBJ 0x000000000000ECE6 – tag fix
COBJ 0x000000000000ED07 – tag fix
COBJ 0x000000000000ED15 – tag fix


No Drop

  • Puts a version of all cabinets in the Counters section that won’t drop with walls so they won’t leave strange holes when viewed from the backside. This makes them into very versatile, appropriately bland furniture for all kinds of offices, hospitals, space stations etc. They work exactly like the regular cabinets apart from that, with the pop-up model selection and all (they are the same objects, this mod is basically an alias that only changes the placement flag).
  • Two flavours: the “defaultcolours” version has the Maxis colour swatches, the “overridecolours” one matches the overrides below



  • Texture/catalogue overrides for the light grey version (white) and the pink version (tasteful avocado green). The white has the same light wood as the grey-blue one, the green has the same dark wood as the cream one, so they can easily be combined. Both overrides are for the island counters too, I only forgot to take screenshots of them. You need to delete your localthumbscache.package for the game to generate new thumbnails.

Overrides the following resources:

Grey > White:

Pink > Green:




s4pe, HxD.