Liberated Desert Plants


Maxis desert plants fixed up for Build/Buy, plus (optional) default overrides for the low-lying blue shrub and the yellow desert flowers. The small cactii and the lavender bushes are pottable, so they can be put into Modular pots.

These are COBJ/OBJD overrides for the actual Maxis objects, not clones. They should work fine in conjunction with FH|RAs No-Fade Trees mod ‒ I don’t know which plants exactly that modifies (I guess at least the Mesquite Tree, if not the large cactii as well), but just try it out for yourself.

They add/change the following:
– Catalogue tags for function and categories
– Catalogue prices (also in the OBJD so that sims get their money back when selling them)
– Colour tags where appropriate
– Thumbnail sorting / swatches
– Names and descriptions if necessary (some already had at least names)


  • Yellow Flowers
  • Pink FLowers
  • Red Flowers – sorts with existing “Red Flowers” shrub
  • Low-Lying Shrub with Pink Flowers


  • Dry Grass 1
  • Dry Grass 2
  • Wild Grass – sorts with existing Wild Grass; it’s larger than that one
  • Lovely Lavender Hedge – sorts with existing Lovely Lavender Hedge, is larger than that
  • Lovely Lavender Bush – sorts with existing Lovely Lavender Bush, is larger than that
  • Lovely Lavender Bush, pale – sorts with existing Lovely Lavender Bush, is larger than that
  • Giant Lavender
  • Large Desert Shrub (dark)
  • Large Desert Shrub (pale) – both of these look a little meh but that’s how they are
  • Aloe Vera, medium
  • Aloe Vera, large

Cactii (also sort in Shrubs):

  • Small Cactus with Flowers – sorts with “Peter Pot” cactus, different texture
  • Small Cactus Stalk
  • Cactus Stalks – sorts with “Fido’s Fine Cactus” (or whatever the name was); it’s lighter/paler than that
  • Small Cactus – sorts with “Saguaro” cactus, different texture
  • Medium Cactus
  • Medium Cactus – sorts with “Swashbuckler’s Sword”
  • Large Cactus “King of the Desert”
  • Extra Large Cactus “Emperor of the Desert”


  • Mesquite Tree

0x00000000000026D9 plantCE_Flower_02 Red Flowers
0x00000000000029EF plantCE_Shrub_blue_01 Low-Lying Shrub w/ blue flowers
0x0000000000002C68 plantCEShrub_01 Lovely Lavender Hedge
0x0000000000002C69 plantCEShrub_02 Lovely Lavender Bush
0x0000000000002C6A plantCEShrub_03 Wild Grass
0x00000000000034DC Cactus Stalks
0x00000000000034DD Small Cactus
0x00000000000034DF plantSO_cacti_03 Small Cactus with Flowers
0x00000000000034E0 plantSO_aloeVera_01 Aloe Vera, medium (identical with 0x0000000000003B74)
0x00000000000034FD plantSO_cacti_07 Medium Cactus
0x00000000000034FE plantSO_cacti_06 Medium Cactus (Swashbuckler’s)
0x00000000000034FF Small Cactus Stalk
0x0000000000003541 plantSO_cacti_04 Aloe Vera, large
0x0000000000004EA5 plantSO_cacti_lg_01 Large Cactus
0x0000000000004EA6 plantSO_cacti_lg_02 Extra Large Cactus
0x0000000000004EC3 plantSO_flower_01 Yellow Flowers
0x0000000000004EC4 plantSO_flower_03 Dry Grass 2
0x0000000000004EC5 plantSO_flower_02 Pink Flowers
0x0000000000004EDF plantSO_shrub_02 Large Desert Shrub (dark)
0x0000000000004EE0 plantSO_shrub_03 Giant Lavender
0x000000000000638D plantSO_GrassClump_02 Dry Grass 1
0x000000000000BC5B treeSO_mesquite_02 Mesquite Tree
0x000000000000BC89 plantSO_shrub_04 Large Desert Shrub (pale)
0x000000000000BEFE plantGD_RBH_glade_shrub_01 Lovely Lavender Bush, pale

The overrides for the yellow flowers and the pink low-lying shrub are in separate packages (the shrub originally has blue flowers; the flowers are just hue changed on leaves and stems and a little more contrasty).