Liberated Garden Stuff


Assorted garden stuff from the game files fixed up for Buy/Build Mode, plus two (optional) texture overrides.

Contents and catalogue sorting:

Decorative > Plants

  • Climbing Ivy Planter in three sizes
  • 4 x Small Flower Box
  • 1 x Ivy Planter (non-climbing — the somewhat larger, black one)
  • 1 x Medium Flower Box
  • 2 x Large Flower Pot
  • 2 x Wheelbarrow (full and empty, in the same thumbnail)

Decorative > Misc

  • 4 x Broken Wood
  • Wooden Crates
  • Garden Sign
  • Wooden “Table” (not a functional table atm, but I also put it in Outdoor Furniture)
  • Large Hay Bale

Decorative > Sculptures

  • Pink Flamingo
  • Decorative Arch

Build > Wall Attachments

  • 2 x Window Flowerbox (custom catalogue items that use the same models as the regular planters)

Build > Shrubs

  • 2 x small wild plants
  • Decorative Lettuce field
  • Decorative Kale field

Build > Rocks (this is the “pavers” package)

  • 3 x Stone Paver
  • 1 x Concrete Paver
  • 3 x Slate Paver

Plus texture overrides for the red/white flowers and the boxed ivy in separate packages, see screenshots for a before/after comparison (all but the comparison picture are taken with the override in).

Everything has prices, names, descriptions, tags and so on (the custom names/descriptions are English only btw but should work in all languages — I don’t know whether the Maxis ones are multi-lingual but I hope they have at least the English version in all games). Plants are usually tagged by colour of flowers (i.e. I didn’t add “green” to everything since I find that a little redundant).

Known issues:

  • The full wheelbarrow has a larger footprint than the empty one (which can lead to “Script Errors” when trying to recolour in situations where the small footprint fits, but the larger one wouldn’t). I didn’t want to change it since this will definitely be put on the floor, and thus may be cleaned up by the game for people who don’t have this mod .. so if you’re getting this error, just move it elsewhere and then recolour (or select the full one from the catalogue directly).
  • On one of the small planters (medium wood with red flowers) the texture is rendered too dark, but I don’t now why — it references the same texture as its mid-sized equivalent and everything I see in the MODL/MLOD is identical too, so it *should* look the same. Must be something in the mesh I guess, but I cannot edit that right now.
  • The feetprint references of the wild plants are edited, so for people who don’t have this mod the game may clean them up depending on whether or not the default footprint would collide with something. Builders should test and/or put this on their “required CC” list.

This overrides the COBJ/OBJD with the following resources:

Garden Stuff:

0x0000000000002111 plantCEWindowBox_01
0x0000000000002692 plantGCW_PlanterFlower_02
0x0000000000002693 plantGCW_PlanterFlower_03
0x0000000000002694 plantGCW_PlanterIvy_4X1
0x0000000000002695 plantGCW_PlanterIvy_4X2
0x0000000000002696 plantGCW_PlanterIvy_4X4
0x0000000000002697 plantGCW_PotFlower_01
0x0000000000002698 plantGCW_PotFlower_02
0x0000000000002948 streetDecoCE_wheelbarrow_01
0x0000000000002A05 plantCE_kale_01
0x0000000000002A08 plantCE_lettuce_01
0x0000000000002A0F plantCE_planterBox_01
0x0000000000002A11 plantCE_windowBox_02
0x0000000000002A56 streetDecoCE_Haybale
0x0000000000002C5F plantCE_ivyCanal_02 medium
0x0000000000002C60 plantCE_ivyCanal_03 small
0x0000000000002C62 plantCE_planterBox_02
0x000000000000347C lotDecoSO_flamingo_01
0x0000000000005554 streetDecoGCW_gardenArch_01
0x000000000000B10D streetDecoCE_wheelbarrow_02
0x000000000000B10E streetDecoSO_WoodCrate_01
0x000000000000B10F streetDecoSO_WoodPlank_01
0x000000000000B110 streetDecoSO_WoodPlank_02
0x000000000000B112 streetDecoSO_WoodPlank_BrokeLong_01
0x000000000000B113 streetDecoSO_WoodPlank_BrokeMid_01
0x000000000000B114 streetDecoSO_WoodTable_01
0x000000000000B2F5 streetDeco_gardenSign_01

0x00B2D882-0x00000000-0x596DFD6D38E730B8 (built-in kale texture override)




Download / Feedback

s4pe, Notepad++, Hasher (i.e. the fogity thing which used to have that name).