Obsolete: Bunker Bather Window Fix


Fixes the busted inside of the brown-with-white-frame version of the “Bunker Bather” window (Maxis, Base game).

2015-02-21 – Obsolete: This was fixed in one of the recent patches (no idea which one), so you can now remove this mod. Thanks to crinrict for the heads-up! =)

This is an override correcting the DiffuseMap texture reference in ChunkEntries[42] ChunkEntries[5E] (which was pointing to the white/white outside texture rather than the generic inside one).

Overrides the following resources:

MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000000-0xCD626AD5E481301C
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000001-0xCD626AD5E481301C

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s4pe 0.2c/d + Inge/Snaitf wrappers.