Obsolete: Bathtub Transparency Fix


This is a fix for the Floral Hygiene, Superb Soakster, and Princess Cordelia’s bathtubs that exhibit a surreal kind of “transparency” (displaying the self shadow of stuff beind them instead of their own) by default.

2015-09-13: This seems to be fixed as of 1.10.63 (possibly earlier; I only just noticed it isn’t an issue any more).

This is done by setting a flag named “0x0B” in the MODL and two of the MLODs to 1 (like it is in e.g. the Rub-a-Dub Tub which does not have this problem).

This overrides the following resources:

Floral Hygiene:
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0x3CC236A0588FF6BC
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000000-0x3CC236A0588FF6BC
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000001-0x3CC236A0588FF6BC

Superb Soakster:
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0x9BF74DF2B165E49A
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000000-0x9BF74DF2B165E49A
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000001-0x9BF74DF2B165E49A

Princess Cordelia’s Bathtub:
MODL 0x01661233-0x00000000-0x5DACB5DCEB5A6D25
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000000-0x5DACB5DCEB5A6D25
MLOD 0x01D10F34-0x00000001-0x5DACB5DCEB5A6D25

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s4pe + wrappers/fixes by Inge and Snaitf.