Basic Standard Add-On: Trim and Tile


Various combinations of the Maxis “Basic Standard” paint with “Slippery”/”Sterilised” and “Checkmate”/”King Me” tile walls, plus two additional colours for “Basic Standard” (white and medium green). They match exactly on all wall heights, incuding proper bump/spec maps, so they can be combined with the existing ones seamlessly.

The plain walls will sort with the other “Basic Standard” walls (with trim). The tiled walls I’ve split up by wall colour: 8 x white / 12 x blue / 11 x green have their respective thumbnails each (on the catalogue screenshots the white + grey/white tile and the plain green wall are still missing, but they exist too and sort properly).

More colours (yellow, beige, brown, light green plus one more green and aqua) as well as variations with “Digital World” and “Nature’s Glow” tiles are available here.

Download / Feedback

If you want to do similar stuff I’ve uploaded DDS/PDN of a bunch of the original “Basic Standard” walls here.

WallEz, s4pe,, dxtbmp, Notepad++.


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