More Corners for Maxis Brick/Wood


These are overrides for the “Brickery with Wood Trim” and “Applause with Wood Trim” walls which make it so that they will have their corner texture applied on 1 x N rooms too, not only 2 x N and up. I also included a fix for the white/grey “Suspiciously Unremarkable” wall which was missing its corner texture and references for the short wall height.

This is done by setting the “Corner Logic” or “Corner Behaviour” or whatever it’s called flag (formerly known as Unk15) to 301 instead of 102. Affects all wall heights per colour so I’m not attaching separate screenshots for each one. All colours included (three for the “Brickery”, 24 for the “Applause”, and the white “Suspiciously Unremarkable” one (all others were OK so those do not need a fix)).

The catalogue thumbnail for the “Suspiciously Unremarkable” wall will regenerate when you delete localthumbcache.package in your Documents folder (I hadn’t done that when taking the screenshots, so it still shows the old one).

An equivalent mod for all of the Maxis wood siding as well as walls with edging on both sides are here. More More Corners edits by FakeHouses|RealAwesome are here.

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s4pe, Notepad++.