Conway – 2BR 1BA


A small starter house furnished for two, with an empty spare bedroom.

Recommended custom content:

More corners for Maxis siding — the house should look fine without, but not *exactly* like on the screens
Liberated Plants 2 — for the orange-flowered shrub in front to not have a funky name/desc
No-stencil override for the Kindermade desk — to remove the flowery stuff from the desk; you only really need this when you move it elsewhere (since right now the deco is on the wall side where you don’t really see it anyway)

Note that in post-pool-patch games sims need steps to route on/off the terrace in the back (haven’t seen this in action yet, this was built before that patch, but star_lady said so in the comments).

Installation: Unzip and put the loose files in /Tray.

Download / Feedback

Lot Size: 15×20
Lot Price (furnished): 17.953§

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