Texture overrides: DressBeltShiny, DressSweaterMini

mts_plasticbox-1471827-defaults_dressbelt01Texture overrides for four DressBeltShiny and two DressSweaterMini colours. These are mostly just nitpicky edits, like changing the dress belt colour and hue changes for the DressSweaterMini (chalk white is now wool white, green is changed for personal taste); the biggest change is a black/black version for the dress that overrides one of the defult lollipop colours.


These contain ONLY the texture plus custom swatches; the thumbnail will still display the original version. This is on purpose so there cannot be any future incompatibilities (so long as the dds format does not change which would break the entire game =P).

Download: DressBeltShiny, DressSweaterMini / Feedback

s4pe, Photoshop, Paint.net.